I've been going through my travel photos, thinking of a worthy first blog post, when I stumbled upon my Dumaguete trip from years ago. This is it! I am reminded how travel makes me go out of my comfort zone and that I would do (almost) anything for free travel! :-)

In May 2012, my cousin Len and I were chosen as "Weekend Warriors" for GMA News TV's reality travel show "Weekend Getaway"! 

We were both at work when we got calls from the show asking us to prepare for a trip in a couple of days! Hesitant at first, (we can't skip work just like that!), we ended up filing "emergency vacation leaves"! :-)

We packed for an unknown destination.. and just found ourselves flying to Dumaguete! .. And later on flying upside down (inverted zipline) in Tierra Alta! See my "broke back mountain" photo above? Yup, I almost broke my back in the mountain! Not sure if it's connected to me being a klutz because I'm the only one who experienced bad landing when we were there. So don't worry, it's safe! :-)

Everything was a surprise in this trip.. good thing I packed my swimsuit! I had Antulang Beach Resort's infinity pool all to myself! :-) I wasn't prepared to do rappelling in flip flops though. The trip was all about accomplishing mini challenges (we won P30k worth of travel goodies yay!), visiting beautiful places and my favorite part, eating good food! Check out the video at the end of this post to know what I'm talking about and if you want a good laugh (never a dull momement with Pinoy Survivors Betong & Maey)!

Our days were packed and we had so much fun that we just enjoyed every bit of our "weekend getaway". We forgot about the cameras and didn't bother wearing make-up. We didn't bring "TV" clothes and shoes as well, that we wore flipflops with Filipiniana dresses and walked around Rizal Boulevard. :-)

siliman university

One of the highlights of this trip was our visit to THE Silliman University, one of the oldest and best universities not only in the Philippines, but in all of Asia. Daydreamed about spending my college life in a campus surrounded by nature, nestled in a tranquil environment. Everything and everyone seemed so peaceful here - coming from someone who experienced the Taft chaos. :-)

Dumaguete, you are beautiful! One of my favorite spots would have to be this view from Our Lady's Garden in Sibulan. <3

Hope this video will make you want to visit the "City Of Gentle People" too! 

PS. I'm the girl with lots of boo-boos! :-)